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Our Wagyu "Kobe" Beef hails from Fred's family cattle ranch, the Bar R Cattle Company ,
along the Snake River, 
in Eastern Washington. 

His father, Jerry Reeves, has been a specialist in the breed for over 20 years and breeds some of the highest rated Wagyu cattle in the world. He provides "seed" and consultations all over the world, inclduing George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch, just north in Marin County.  We're privileged to provide some of the best, most directly sourced Wagyu available... anywhere.

Most of the wild Alaskan King & Sockeye Salmon we provide is caught by Freddy and friends. 

He's the first mate on the Fleet Vessel “Potential”, off of Bristol Bay, AK for 2 months out of every year, where they catch King & Sockeye Salmon. At the end of summer he catches Wild Fasier River Sockeye Salmon in Washington's Puget Sound, off of the Fleet Vessel "Wanda Lee". 

Other Wild Salmon we provide is sourced by Fred's friends, of the Native American “Yurok” Fishing Tribe, here in California, or the "Nez Perce" Native American Tribe, in Washington. Each fish comes with it's own ticket, with the name of the tribal member that cuaght it. 


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